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Kálnoky Castle

We are happy and honored that you are considering the Kálnoky Castle as venue for Your event.

We, Anna and Tibor Kalnoky, have had our own wedding here. The castle was still in a state of ruin, the park was unkempt, but more than 200 guests from all over the world arrived to celebrate with us for three days in this special place.

Many years have passed since then, we have managed to renovate the castle, to set up the English courtyard and garden, we have organized different events, expositions, workshops, concerts, and charitable events as well. Now, we have thought about sharing this magic with those who wish to organize their own events in such a special place.

We are looking forward to welcoming You!

What we can offer



The castle itself is an architectural masterpiece, beside from becoming familiar with the everyday objects of Transylvanian nobility, you can enter in the atmosphere of the XVII-XIX centuries aristocracy's live.


For your accommodation, we can offer the traditional guesthouses in Micloșoara, or a few guesthouse and hotel in the area, or is Brașov.


The Kálnoky Estate is ideal for multi-day weddings. The sights of the area, museums and the rural landscape can offer many recreational opportunities for our guests.


The Kálnoky Castle from Micloșoara, and the traditional cottages din Valea Zălanului are the pearls of region architectural heritage. We also recomand to visit the different mansions and castles arround the region.


The Stone Pub – the heart of the Kálnoky Estate at Miklósvár

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